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Russian figure skater dead

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>>> Olympic figure skater and former world champion Ekaterina Alexandrovskaya died on Friday in Moscow after falling out of a sixth-floor window, according to the AFP.

>>> She was 20.

>>> According to the report, Russian media said she left a note reading “lyublyu,” which translates to “Love” in English.

Just another hooker murdered? There's something a little bit odd about the whole figure skating thing. I was walking by a skating rink at the local shopping mall, and I saw some young girls, maybe kindergarten or grade school age, figure skating. The young boys played hockey when it was their turn on the rink. But then I was somewhat surprised to see an old man, who looked to be at least in his nineties, figure skating. The girls he was skating with could have been his great-granddaughters, but the boys were separated from the girls and placed on a hockey team if they qualified, or kicked off the rink entirely if they didn't.

Obviously the girls aren't too young to skate at kindergarten age, whatever, but the figure skating involves a male partner, and the girls are considered too young to have boyfriends.

But it's okay if there's an old man.

The entire figure skating industry is 100% Omertà. Pure Sicilian Mafia.

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