Fallen Angel Images, the NASA Mars Rover and HiRise Conspiracy, and Ancient Knowledge

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Consider this my disclosure for the betterment of humanity. Here I present quite a lot of disclosure and history in a relatively short document. Included where possible are the instructions and citations where one may reproduce results.


What I hope will be noticed:

  •     The presence of the fallen Angels (who many call extraterrestrials now) and their connections with ancient Egypt, Sumeria and the pre-Flood world.

  •     How they are associated with the Baltic Sea Anomaly.

  •     How the Baltic Sea Anomaly pertains to the Nephilim and the ancient world prior to the Flood.

  •     The analysis of the NASA Rover and HiRISE images and their thorough exposure as fraudulent.

  •     The exposing of the discrepancies between the same images at different times.

  •     The exposing of the hidden base in one of the images.

  •     The exposing of the fake background used in many of the images.

  •     The exposing of the solar simulator that is sometimes present in our skies.


What I ask of you:

  •     Keep an open mind about what you see.

  •     Don't let this die here. I suffered greatly to get it out. I maintain my anonymity where possible for a reason.

  •     Save evidence from all investigating you do. It tends to disappear as things are discovered.

  •     Review the PDF from the enclosed link to find the additional research. What is included here is merely a snippet of the contents. This isn't spam.

  •     PDF on Dropbox

  •     Share it around. Put it where people will see it. Show it off in other forums. Write articles about it.

  •     Try to maintain the integrity of it and keep it together where possible.

  •     Be wary of paranormal happenings. I was attacked and you may be, too. That is not a joke.

May we someday meet on the other side and may God's blessings and protection be upon you.



A Light in the Darkness


May you be one, too.

[Due to size restrictions here I have only been able to include one image. Other images have been made available at the enclosed link as well as a PDF with much more research.]

Link to Images and PDF (Dropbox)


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