Site has been down. But should be fine now.

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Sorry for the recent down time.  I only realised this morning that no one could log in.

If you do ever notice  a problem and need to contact us, then you can reach out to the staff via e-mail please use trinity@     of course at the


As part of the fix, I have upgraded to the latest version too.


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From what i gather,  you are posting in BBCode  which this forum software does not support.   So things like [IMG]    are just ignored.     Its fully html, so for instance if I take one of your images and add it to this post.


And then click on the Source button (top left of the reply box)   it shows me the html it created.  Which is        <img alt="Whale-2-C-1281.jpg" class="ipsImage" data-ratio="93.75" height="750" src="" width="750">


It looks like people were complaining about BBCode being removed back in 2019 in the their support forum.  So I guess its not worked for a while?






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I have had a look through all the settings, and it would appear that an update has turned off the following feature:



Enable BBCode Parsing

BBCode is a legacy markup language that was originally designed to allow users to submit rich content prior to the advancement of WYSIWYG editors. BBCode support is deprecated and may be removed in a future release, and we recommend leaving this option disabled for greater performance and reliability if your community does not rely on BBCode parsing to format posts.


I'm glad you replied to me, as the post I read on the IPB support forum implied it had been removed and was arguing for its return.  But obviously that is not correct.


"To claim that BBCode is deprecated and an old technology is fine, but forums are right up the same alley. People who still use forums, are people who also still use BBCode. BBCode is simple, it's like writing Markdown and everyone loves that. Suddenly taking that away from everyone, in the spirit of being innovative because everyone else "still" uses BBCode is a bad move. BBCode still exists because it works great. It can't be that hard to maintain from a technical perspective. I believe your decision to drop it was more of a "crap we fudged ourselves and now it's hard" rather than a "this is what the users want" decision."


I have enabled it, so let me know if that's fixed it and brought it back to normal.   Thanks for your posts, they are always appreciated.  :)

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