Iraqi war strategy sabatage with GFC sabatage

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So do you people remember the Iraq war turn around? It happened 4 years into the Iraq war disaster after 4,500 dead troops and 250,000 dead civilians.

I sat at home watching the disaster on the news and consciously fort I could send in strategy's to turn that war around.

Here I'll tell you top secret strategies unknown to people.

For a start it was a huge fire. The underground tanks court alight "another miracle that the underground tanks didn't blow up" and fule tanker exploded in a huge fire ball. The fb page link is on my wall showing everyone the huge fireball that loads instantly to the wall post once Link is inserted.

So before I get into it here's a top secret strategy.

Detecting fake terrorist checkpoints. All you do is place beacons at checkpoints that send out a signal to drones and cars. This way if the terrorist set up fake checkpoints the troops and drones would detect no signal from them bang dead drop an bomb on it....End to terrorist doing that strategy "but" the CIA didn't keep using that strategy they used it once and it worked then stopped using it. Not even the Afghanistan checkpoint cops new there new add on to the checkpoint contained a beacon in it that sent out a signal.

The biggest strategy was instant air support over the troops heads turning an ambush on us into an ambush on them. That was achieved by cutting back patrol numbers a little bit and by using 70 drones to fly over 400,000 patrols head each year. Now if the Taliban or Iraqi troops tried to ambush us there is an fully loaded drone overhead ready to drop bombs on them within seconds....bang dead dead dead. So these drones now can kill 20 - 100 terrorist each time they attack. This means if we set up 400,000 traps a year and only 1,000 instant air support called traps kill the 20 terrorist each time, that's 20,000 dead Taliban men or Iraqi terrorist each year. The Taliban only have 30,000 member's and would be wiped out within 1.5 years time. This strategy's goes with my Iraq war strategy called full proof i'd cards. These I'd cards got made to stop Turkish men replacing the dead in a rock town is full proof cos you scan the eye and take a photo of them and they can't be replaced once killed no new people can move into the area Afghanistan's dream strategy really. As you could google just look at more proof the Iraq war showed the public mass strategies on tv a first in history? Yes because they new knowone could come out with proof clamming they did them because they aired them on tv huge proof of something very wrong showing the public and terrorist the strategies.

So we reached a point where the CIA sabataged my strategies because I told them to if they never planned on wining that war in full....So they did read below.


Proof and huge proof on my FB page Oblique weapons fb. 

How did the Iraqi terrorist get the drone camera codes? Did the GFC happen 3 weeks after? Was there a deal made so I wouldn't leave the country?
So go to this link now read the cover photo or post and original is on Oblique weapons fb page, and answer below how they hacked the codes?
Now after I used the 9 year old story / news post, why did they change the headlines on wall post on the link and cover photo?
So you can stop patrols from walking as often "ambushed" and make patrol times less. So you now have instant air support over troops heads 24/7, and will kill them all.
Are you clamming this is just a lol coincidence? Or are you seeing red flags to sabatarge from the people that did 9/11?
So once again the news page had to of been notified that I used the link? What person would say nooo the news people must have got the story wrong and coincidentally told them without any info "unless" CIA called them up having info about it unlike anyone ells, and said hey man this dude is totally using your headline that must be wrong man?
So what's your side step to getting off of that Debate? .
So prettymuch they change the news headlines that 50% of the drones were unencrypted from hacked massive changes in story, which is like saying 50% of military computers don't have anti-spyware spyware protection which is there like beyond the joke.

So once I realised they were not going to win the Iraq war I told them to never use my strategies again.... sabataged the best strategy in history instant air support over troops heads 24 7. After they broke that deal and conveniently for me I was going bankrupt at the time, I said all them strategies made the military companies $100drs of billions of dollars. If I get no money you bankrupt your country or I'll go overseas? So are you clamming the change and report and time of changing of the headlines is a coincidence along with the GFC happinng 3 weeks after drone codes got out, is another coincidence that the story actually make sense and it all adds up and paint a picture?

Did you know why the dictionary has the word bribed in it for? This is why.
I seen psychitist and he asked me some things....In the debate he couldn't even reply.
First I simply told him why they were covering it up in/if my knowledge at the time "changed now" and what proof I had.
I said look I sent them strategies to build a roadblocks around the Iraqi markets and to put checkpoints at each entry side "so instead of 4,000 Iraqis dying a day from car bomb attacks" that only 2 checkpoint cops could die refusing to let the car past? He simply replied "American army has people to do the strategies? I no way do they. I said just look at the first 4 years before the strategy turn around came? 4,000 dead troops and 250,000 dead Iraqis? It is proof that they didn't have any strategist? He the psychitist couldn't reply again.
I said We'll look don't you think there is reason to question, how after 3 years of a disaster that this gen come up with 45 strategies one after another but couldn't do one for 4 years why being a gen? Does the evidence point to someone new come along and did them then?
In the end after things adding up he couldn't reply. My last bit of proof is on oblique weapons fb page and is a video of a strategy I told them to do in Sadr City area. Build a cement wall all the way around and chock them if food and weapons and they will walk out unarmed and we lose no troops.
Now I made that video 1min after story aired "and at time had documents date on it" unto I said that and then suddenly my computer fried it's self... Just a coincidence I'm sure you will agree to that. Ether way I couldn't if written in such detail of the strategy and people in charge within 1 min so 3 video recordings made and shown what was on the news timed and dated. The psychitist said that was just another coincidence "wow" big surprise.

Now I could be here all day but just reply to them things thanks.

I now said I would leave the country if they didn't pay me money and stop using the strategies.....they sabataged my strategies now and as I was going bankrupt I said bankrupt your country if you don't want me to leave Australia...they fen did.

So 3 weeks before the GFC you have the Iraqi terrorist getting drone camera codes showing them an ambush on them as above stratrgy proves it. The CIA handed the Iraqi terrorist the laptops to see a drone near by. 

GFC sabatage.
How did the bank's meet running cost, interest fund payments when mass shares or investments failed? How did they get money to hand to the public "65%" of income was cut years before GFC "unless" everyone at same time just stopped paying, did they meet interest payments being one firm of payment? Are you saying that the liquidators had 5 trillion dollars when 50% of people didn't pay to buy the debts and bad loans? Incorrect and they couldn't if even paid $500 billion off bad debt because there was no other lender. I'm saying they sabataged it but we're already printing up more bank notes not reporting it.....anyway.????????

We'll I'll leave it at that because most people that can't reply will usually sidestep the reply to the question or answer. Is that going to be you? Me I research information to get proof, you just ramble on " no" to see no nothing to see and side step then reply. Now IV got everyone's attention please feel free to reply thank you?

If you want to know why they fed me over your in for the shock of your life.





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