Proof of an afterlife and God + huge econemy idea put forward by God.

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This post is about econemy that any God so want to make everyone have a good life let alone food and fresh water to drink... Africa. If you read this post please forward it onto the African and government's as I was being held hostage by CIA and ASIO but can do premonitions as I'll prove with live Facebook post saying there would be an earthquake after I caused the New Zealand volcano...Crazy I know.
First I'm Psychic and the people in the afterlife told me the brain is an Computer? Proof please. Yes it is because an quantum computer has electrons and atom's in them just like the brain does also.
The uplode to the afterlife is done with the hidden wavelength receptors called the hidden frontal lobes. The lobes make an naturel chemical reaction it was fort "but" an wavelength signal is an chemical... figure it out.


Original post live of premonition is on Facebook page Oblique weapons dated and timed. The after life knew I made an premonition when 14 with my sister and asked me to do one more after I did some. I said ok and said in the outskirts of New Zealand there would be an volcano...Yes it come true. Anyway the people trying to take over in the afterlife kept saying will people die? I was like wt& only if you want them 2....They did. So that night I made an premonition for Jewish CIA that tryied taking over down here and in afterlife. I said California America will shake for wanting People to die..It did with an medium earthquake 4.3 but like me I never wanted people to die just shake. Here is screen shot of my premonition...You can find before and next day post of premonition then next day media reports on Oblique weapons facebook page.

Back on track helping poor and all countries get rich... below.
Any economist here? Think it's worth posting because it's all worked out and can save the public $48,000 pa every year after 1.2 years of paying bills.

Best econemy idea ever.

What we do is borrow as much money as possible....say AU $2 trillion dollars debt for only 1.2 years before we repay debt.
What you do is self fund every or as many public departments as possible by going into debt, but paying debt back with bill money.

So rich public 30% pay $14,000 - $9,000 pa in power bills. 35% Mid class pay $7,500 - $4,000 dollars pa. 35% Poor low $4,500 - $1,200 pa. 
Seen as if rich class is only 12% we can times the % because they pay 10* more for power and bills. To we average it out.

To coculate an average of $14k - $9k an average of $7.5k - $4k and average of $4.5k - $1.2k and pay all up around $5,500 pa will be saved pa per person. We = it out where the public on get = savings once per person then it's self funded bills and taxes.

How to self fund? Like this.
Adelaide main hospital has an budget of $400 million dollars pa. What you do is give it $12 billion dollars into a interest fund that makes 5% pa. That 5% pa makes interest of $620 million dollars pa every year. Every year will give it $400 million dollars from the interest and put back in the leftover $220 million dollars pa. That left over $220 million makes $15 million pa interest every year and the hospital can have an rise of $150 million dollars every 10 years 33% rise in budget cost for life or $15 million dollar rise in cost pa every year becoming$15 million more on-top of last year's rise.

Now that's what you called self funded.

This water bills and power bills and hospital's self funded will cost $480 billion dollars saving the public $12,000 pa per person. Interest $20 billion.
Borrow $2 trillion = $48,000 of taxes and public cost pa is saved.

Let's add water bills 30% $6,000 rich $4,000 pa. Mid class 40% $4,000  - $2,500 pa. Poor or low  $2,500 - $1,000 dollars pa. Average out the savings $3,500 pa per person.

So power saves us $5,000 pa per person. Hospitals taxes $3,500 pa per person. Water $2,500 pa per person. 

Around $12,000 saved pa per person saved on average so that's the taxible amount. $12,000 * pop size 27 million = $430 billion dollars pa collected from people's bills. So in 1.2 years we will have self fund water & power bills + 5 main hospitals per state * 5 state's. In 1.2 years we will have paid back $500 billion dollars in loan money / debt money repaid.

We borrow $2 trillion dollars and in 1.2 years all debt will be repaid + interest owed after 1.2 years.

So at same time we self fund gas bills, council rates, rego + more things.

As you can see even if it took 6 years because of more money needed "proven it doesn't" we will save the public $48,000 dollar's pa per person.... Huge.

This can be done within years because we collect bill money and pay back debt monthly and quarterly unto 1.2 years... debt paid back.

My calculations are half correct and minimum and maximum the public will save $10k to every $500 billion spent. $40,000 dollars saved from $2 trillion dollars debt, within years. After we borrowed and paid back that $2.1 trillion dollars we borrow another $2 trillion dollars and save $80,000 pa every year within another 1.2 year's from self funding it.... Repeat and government then keeps savings still charging us an small tax.

In the end the government will be handing out cheques or cash to public. We by an item from biz / shop and the gov make 30% small biz big biz tax money and 50% instore tax on item = 80% of the money they hand us goes back to them.

The best thing to do after the public saves $80,000 in 2.4 years is to by an AU ir countries food store chain.
Food store chains like Coles Australia own mass Australian farms and it's local produce. This means that we can control food prices also for poor and minimum wage people. I believe there is enough to feed savings to mid class also. This will stop the public's saving from being chewed up.

America would go into debt by $10 trillion dollars and would keep charging public bills cost for 4.8 year's not 1.2 year's. Now will payback $10 + trillion dollar debt within 1.2 years but can keep charging public for bills and taxes so they pay back all debt if $28 trillion dollar debt or $38 trillion dollars debt within 4.8 year's. Now after 3.6 or 4.8 years all debt is paid back that the public can stop paying bills and some taxes saving $48,000 pa.

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