Loxism is the Hatred of White People by Jews

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Pennsylvania was settled by white people who fled the Jews of Germany long before the two World Wars fought in the 20th century.

Loxism =

Those Jews made a Loch Ness Monster out of white people. The lake or the fish that inhabits the lake:

«lox» is Swedish for “salmon;” «lohi» in Finnish.

They called a white person «lohikäärme» in Finnish, literally salmon-snake, the word means “dragon” in English.

White leaders were daemonized as “Grand Dragons” of the Ku Klux Klan etc.


Don't forget that Lot who fled Sodom in the Bible was a righteous white man who dwelt in a cave. The Sodomites hated Lot because he was white: the men of Sodom were jealous over his beautiful blonde daughters, and Lot's wife was mortified by the conduct of the women of color in Sodom when she looked back on them.

The King Chedorlaomer to whom the Sodomites paid tribute or property taxes each year is possibly more properly spelled “Mayor Cheddar-Loamer” in modern English, if you can imagine anything that disgusting.

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