Coronavirus-motivated judicial amputations

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SF woman who will have fingers amputated after nearly dying from COVID-19, still hesitant about vaccine
At one point, while in a coma, doctors considered amputating both of her legs as well.

Report: White House security chief has leg amputated due to COVID

>>>The director of White House security who has been hospitalized since September with COVID-19 needed his lower right leg amputated along with his left big toe due to complications from the virus, according to a report by Bloomberg News, citing confirmation by family friends.

>>>Crede Bailey, who tested positive prior to Sept. 26, remains in a rehabilitation center and will be fitted with a prosthetic leg in the coming months, the report said.

>>>Bailey, a career federal employee, ...

It's a cover-up for Vietcong- or Iranian-style judicial amputations, of course. Limbs are missing that don't need to be missing, and there was no medical necessity to perform such cruel, barbarous, and unnecessary surgery. There's a junta of older men in the back room at the hospital who are punishing patients by amputating their limbs without medical necessity.

116+ hospitals postponing elective surgeries broken down by state
Hospitals across US cancel elective procedures — again

As COVID-19 cases rise, some hospitals are again forced to suspend elective surgeries

New York and West Virginia are among the states delaying some procedures.

>>>Catholic Health, one of the hospitals affected by the governor's orders, had already suspended elective surgeries two weeks ago. The hospital is expected to take a financial hit of about $40 million per month, similar to the loss the hospital system saw in the spring, according to Catholic Health President and CEO Mark Sullivan.<<<



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