HistoricalTribune - Latvia Year of Horror 1940, Assimilated Jews Slaughtered Their Neighbors

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Latvia: Year of Horror is a collection of documents and photos covering the communist rule in Latvia from June 17, 1940 to July 1, 1941. This book shows communism as it was in reality -- cloaked in deception and lies, filled with inhuman cruelties, reveling in torture and blood, sadistic in its delight in the lamentations of sufferers, and infinite in revenge and destruction. An unfathomable darkness, a madness, a mockery of honor and a rejection of all virtue sought to annihilate nothing less than the soul of the Latvian nation, a people for more than 4,000 years. ColchesterCollection.

Historical Tribune.

It all started on the 15th of June 1940 at 2:30am when the NKVD raided a Latvian Boarder Post, then with the Red Army invasion of the Latvian Territory and occupation of Riga, on the 17th of June, 1940. Latvia’s terror started at once with the mass arrests, murders and/or deportations of its leaders to far regents of Bolshevik Russia, as revolutionary criminals were released from Latvian prisons, to assist the Red Army and replace the slain and deported in their positions.

It followed later with thousands of Latvians being arrested without warrant, loaded onto railway freight carriages and deported to the far east to join their leaders in frost bitten death camps, or they were just outright murdered in their homeland. This left the blood soaked nation leaderless until the onset of the preemptive German mobilization of Operation Barbarossa against the Soviet aggression toward the west, who arrived in Latvia on Sunday June 22, 1941 and finally arrived at Riga on July 1, 1941.

They were welcomed as Liberators by the Latvian people, who then turned their suffering into revenge against many of the Jewish occupiers, however they are now referred to as "Pro Nazi Sympathizers & Collaborators" by the victors.

Historical Tribune - The arrival of the Bolsheviks in Riga June 17th, 1940, followed by Communist instigated riots Riga’s Police Headquarters.

On the morning of June 17, 1940 Latvia was overrun by the armed hordes of Communist Russia, many of the invading troops were from Asiatic units who could not speak the language of their victims. the official announcements by the Latvian Government protesting the invasion had no effect.

The Latvians attempted to enforce the laws of the land in the belief that those who had incited the riot should be charged and punished, this was a bitter delusion. The Soviet Embassy explained it was satisfied with the manner in which the Red Army’s arrival in Riga had been welcomed .. the hooligans David Goldberg, Heim Klackin, Grigory Varuskin, Abramy Gemjanov, Genech Kreiness et al were mostly Jews.

Historical Tribune.

Newly released criminals parade out of prison - prisoners accompanied by largely Jewish crowd and the coerced crowd of demonstrators, enter the street, a prisoner addresses the crowd his face clearly contorted with hate and a desire to destroy.

See parallels with the Antifa Riots in the US, and the release of prisoners under the aegis of the Covid Pandemic Hoax.

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