Seth Rich & JFK Jr - "The Living Dead!"

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We say Seth Rich is along with JFK Jr and his wife among The Living Dead.


This undated montage shows JFK Jr and his wife Carolyn Jeanne Bessette-Kennedy alive & well, both of whom with her sister allegedly perished in a July 16, 1999 plane crash blamed on Hillary Clinton, foreground figures are wearing MAGA hats which indicates the montage was assembled during the Trump Presidency in any case .. yeah the scope of the deception boggles the mind.


This one has Seth Rich neatly framed between Melania & Donald Trump in company with French President Emmanuel Macron, who achieved that office May 14, 2017 nearly one year after Rich's July 10, 2016 alleged assassination. Rich is seen again in the back seat of a limousine in the company of Rudolf Giuliani puffin' on a cigar in the front, with another big wig type similarly puffin' away to his right .. says he could have smoke inhalation but he's definitely alive.


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