Full "Future For America" Text Warning of a Nuclear Strike in Nashville

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As well the text says "Donald Trump is the final President of the USA" - The Tennessean said the ad violated standards banning hate speech, while the Council on Islamic American Relations decried the advertisements as "Islamophobic." It was not known how much Future for America paid for the ads which have Donald Trump & Pope Francis up front.

Video: Nashville Explosion Caught on Tape, Fourth Angle.

The video seems to show a primary explosion before what looks like a nuclear flash occurs on the same vector, where after a classic "dogleg" mushroom cloud which characterizes a tactical nuclear detonation forms .. we know conventional explosions take place within milliseconds where after the scene is instantly obscured by dust mostly, whereas this event took place over the span of several seconds .. scuttlebutt says there could have been a missile.

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Feedback says, "no mushroom cloud in those pictures.."

There is a mushroom cloud visible in the end pic ..


Tell me if you can see MC's confirming the use of nuclear weapons in the US Heartland and in Canada, Japan and Indonesia in any of these pics.


Australian Embassy Jakarta, Indonesia 2004.


Again in Beirut, Aug. 4, 2020


And in Tianjin, China August 2016.

Not only in North America the Australian Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia was nuked in 2004, as well there were nuclear explosions in Europe, the Middle East and in China.

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