Banned @ Poal For "Posting Fake Sh*t After Being Warned" - Life on Mars

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The "warning" was over an image post that shows an ancient proto human skull on Mars, that had four extra frames all showing human remains.


Message From the s/space mod, "Posting fake shit after being warned!"


1# PIA 16440 - Ancient Proto Human Skull on Planet Mars.


Curiosity Mastcam Sol 315 Another Very Old Humanid Martian Skull.


Spirit Sol 1354 - Faces on Mars Triangular Eye Sockets.


Queen Nefertiti - Enlarged Craniums in Egypt & on Mars.


2# PIA 16440 2 Million Yrs Old Paranthropus Robustus Skulls Resemble the Mars Skull.

Sodd the mod who badmouthed this stuff who banned me .. that is what dumbdown is and ignorance, Sagan and Hawking were the same like the bloke at s/space they had no concept of what is going on around them.

Post 1 - Received Warning- Ancient Proto Human Skull on Planet Mars - PIA 16440 Returned by the NASA Spirit Rover April 2006. Link.

Post 2 - Banned 2# Ancient Proto Human Skull on Planet Mars, NASA Spirit Rover PIA 16440 April 2006 - Resembles Two Million Yrs Old Paranthropus Robustus Skulls From Earth .. sodd the mod who badmouthed the last post. Link.

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