Triptych - Donald Trump Banned @ Twitter, the Incomplete Sentence Says He Was Cut Down Midflight

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Students of Roman history will be aware the similarly abrupt ending to Julius Caesar's The Gallic Wars pdf, is thought to have been brought about as a result of his 43 BC Ides of March assassination by fellow Roman Senators.

Apart from the arrogance at Twitter and at Facebook, Reddit, Twitch, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Discord and Shopify which have all applied restrictions to Donald Trump's input, .. the most sickening thing about the Trump debasement is the degree of disloyalty and non reaction from all other sections of the US political community.

In the face of the abortive impeachment of 2018, no less than the elevation of Biden and the stolen election .. sure it resembles the way President Kennedy was shot down in the middle of the day, and the way Jews steered airplanes into the WTC in NY in broad daylight and got away with it, with the full connivance of DT we might add.

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Facebook Blocks Ron Paul..

Ron Paul on Twitter.

I have been one of Ron Paul's most strident critics for a long time..

Former Texas Congressman Ron Paul and his wretched offspring US Senator Rand Paul deliberately entered the 911 conspiracy on the side of the Zionist perpetrators, which has well and truly rendered them liable to prosecution thence execution as capital traitors against the United States. The Pauls have wagered their lives that the Jews who perped 911 who carry out similar terrorist attacks world wide.

And the massive cover up that exists at every level of the US social order will never be brought to trial. They with the entire roll call at both houses of the US Congress, and all members of successive Presidential administrations, should be charged as capital traitors by way of the United States Justice Department. Via summons to appear in a duly constituted court convened under existing US Law.

Where after they will be put to death by order of the court if guilt is proven. If they decry US Law as Texans and deploy weapons to prevent arrest, like Saddam Hussein’s kids did heroically following the illegal invasion of Iraq in 2003, there could be a similar bloody outcome. Jews at Mossad HQ in Tel Aviv Israel, made hundred$ of million$ wagering on airline “Put Options,” at stock markets in Frankfurt Germany and in Canada on the day of the attacks.

Jews were hoppin' about in glee filming as the WTC Towers turned to dust, thousands of Jews never went to work at the WTC on the day, while warnings to stay away were distributed in New York synagogues the Friday before, via telephone messages, and from the Odigo Hebrew language messaging service. Millions of Jews with their political mates and every member of the Ziomedia lobby that supports the deception, should go down the same hole of arrest, trial and execution as the Pauls.

It doesn't mean he should be shut down .. the concept the Zionist movers and shakers at Facebook and Twitter can decide who can be heard and who can't doesn't gel, Jews rely on distortion of the facts and outright lies, whereas they decry various justice campaigns directed against them under law as "persecution" sodd them.


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