Nuclear False Flag Bali Oct. 2002 - Patsies Executed - Ari Ben Menashi

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Hundreds were killed when a nuclear weapon detonated in the tourist district of Kuta in Bali, Indonesia October 2002, check the poster advertising an "Explosion Party" that appeared prior to the event.


Testimony says a fire bomb exploded in the Sari Club where after a short time later while spectators were gathered, a nuclear device located in a storm water drain beneath the street detonated.


Three Balinese citizens Imam Samudra, Amrozi Nurhasyim and Huda bin Abdul executed for the offense in Nov. 2008 were innocent.


The convicted men admitted detonating a home made device that caused no damage and no injuries, adjacent to the Honorary US Consulate in Denpasar that had no US State Dept. accreditation, located some kilometers from the Kuta explosions.


Australian Jew and Mossad spy Ari Ben Menashi aka Joe Vialls aka Alfred Lambremont Webre is believed to have planted the nuclear weapon in Bali, and to have carried out the 1996 Port Arthur Massacre in Tasmania that left some thirty six dead.

Ben Menashi / Vials / Webre either chronicles his exploits openly as above or he uses thinly veiled pieces like The Terrorist Factory, wherein he admits murdering WPC Yvonne Fletcher in London in 1984 in a crime for which Muammar Gaddafi accepted the blame on behalf of Libya.


The September 2004 Australian Embassy explosion in Jakarta Indonesia was a nuke, so suspect Ben Menashi carried out that crime as well.


The August 7, 1998 US Embassy bombings in Kenya..


And Tanzania as well as the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing are similarly thought to have been Israeli nukes, so we suspect ABM for those outrages also.

Judy Wood.

No less than the thermonuclear demolition charges that took down both Towers at the WTC Sept. 11, 2001.

The Assassination of Rafic Hariri.

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