Rachel Elnaugh banned from YouTube for uploading this video

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You may remember the name from Dragon's den,  Rachel is a very successful business woman who founded Red Letter Days, is a multi-millionaire, author and TV personality.

Up to this point she was being quite careful and measured in her words, but now she has finally been banned she has decided to reveal what she really thinks is going on.   

Billy Wonka's Frankenvax Factory (720p version)



I have been following her videos recently, and I am quite familiar with how she looks and speaks, but I was a little shocked in this video, her words and speech are the same as normal (she is an accomplished speaker used to speaking in front of very important people) but her eyes show something is wrong and she is quite frightened.

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Hmm. She's got something political going on.

Rachel Elnaugh: ‘I’m moving out of that old capitalist business paradigm’
Feature 20 MAY 2020
In this podcast episode Anna Jordan meets Rachel Elnaugh, an entrepreneur, author, speaker and one of the original Dragons on Dragon's Den

Communist? Pregnant? No, not that either. You just can't be too “established” with old-money capitalist “brothers” as a woman or they age you out of business entirely.

Oh no. It's Billy Wonka's Frankenvax Factory.


Not to be found or even mentioned anywhere else on Google. Peediatricians don't want the kids getting scared of their government-mandated shots.

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