Government involvement in terrorism and 9/11

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Okay so first off, if it wasn't painfully obvious already, I'm pretty new here, so forgive me if I violate some forum etiquette or say something dumb, if there's a different place I should put this just let me now. But I just wanted start a thread to see if I can get some help developing a timeline and hearing thoughts regarding this.

The following is my basic outline:

  • December 4, 1979

The Soviet–Afghan War begins after the Soviet union Invades Afghanistan to prop up a communist government to exert greater Soviet control over the middle as they did in Korea and Vietnam to great effect (two conflicts the CIA was also known to have been highly involved in)

(this is where the timeline gets messy because there is no exact date that can be referenced so its mostly conjecture)

  • 1981 (most likely) 

at some point around the time the early 1980s (as early as 1979 and as late as 1982) It is thought that the CIA began providing the insurrectionist groups fighting the soviet union (notably the mujahedeen, and Al-Qaeda)  weapons, training, and funding in order to wage a shadow war similar to the conflict in Vietnam. But this time the situation is reversed, with the guerilla fighters essentially being in a sense, American soldiers. The most glaring piece of evidence to support this is the testimony of a former US government trained Egyptian soldier Ali Mohamed, who was known trips to Afghanistan, where he claimed to "fight Russians." something not even the United states government denies.

fast forward to 1989 and The soviet union decides to cut its losses and pull out, but is too late as later in 1991, the soviet union falls. Partially under the squandered costs of the Soviet–Afghan war.

  • Aug 2, 1990

The United states begins a year long conflict with Iraq known as the Gulf war after Iraq invades over conflict involving oil prices, here the era of young American men sacrificing their lives for oil officially begins.

  • February 28, 1991

The United States crushes Iraqi resistance and Bush orders a cease fire (this ends up being basically pointless, as tensions reignite and the war resumes later in 2003) the war isnt really won, but the United States' real objectives were complete: ensuring a stable oil supply to America and establishing an American presence back into the middle east.

  • September 11th 2001 

The world trade center is attacked and the "war on terror" commences and with it, an excuse for the government to exert even more control on the middle east and to spy on its own people with the patriot act.

And with that we are meant to believe that factions that were trained, funded and armed by the CIA and American government suddenly turned on them and gave them the perfect excuse  to further its own control and in such a way that causes a surge in PMC's who would later be empowered by Order 17, making them exempt from all Iraqi law. On top of that we are meant to believe that The CIA didn't see this coming despite the fact the World Trade Center had been attacked earlier in 1993, coincidentally the same year the gulf war reignites. This would indicate that we're  supposed to believe the CIA didn't bother keeping tabs and the extremist factions (who all seemed to form right when they needed them back in the 80's) that they trained armed and funded for over 30 years during a period of time the united states had a significant presence in the middle east.


what do you guys think?





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