Hitler was a Rothschild

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Matild Schueckelgruber Bore an Illegitimate Son to Lionel Nathan Rothschild Named Alois Schueckelgruber, he married Clara Poltz and took her mother's maiden name Hitler rather than his own mother's name because he was illegitimate, they had 3 children Gustav, Adolf & Paula.


If it quacks it's a duck .. stories have appeared since the 1920s drawing attention to Hitler's Jewish ancestry, including one about a "Baron Rothschild" in Vienna in whose household Maria Schicklgruber had worked as a servant. Wiki.


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A duck. Un canard in French.

The Jews won't eat duck because it isn't kosher.


Hitler had a platform.




Most of the points were reasonable and straightforward, if not inevitable responses to the societal problems of the time. But Hitler was said to be in business, with a "solution" to every "problem" -- how much of the Holocaust was real, and how much was people's own doing to themselves? There were opium dens and some of the Jews were doing drugs.

Not all those who were eliminated were in fact Jews or homosexuals or social undesirables.

Women on the street who refused to have sex, that sort of thing.

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