Possibility of biden being assassinated. And how hes a pedo

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Over the riots and the woman (i forget her name) that would take over if something happened to biden 

i see it possible biden will be assassinated either by trump supporters or poisened by that woman especially if trump gets impeached and ill be happy to see that pedo go down im mean theirs evidence of it all him being a pedo and likelihood of him being assassinated.

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I don't know. It's a total coup d'état by the Democrat Party. Anything is possible.

The Democrats are most viciously censoring conservative groups such as Stop The Steal and QAnon even though these groups are not responsible for any of the violence that has taken place.

Groups such as Antifa and Black Lives Matter, which have incited violence, have the full support and cooperation of the Democrat Party.


The second impeachment doesn't make sense. You can't impeach a President who has already been removed from office.

The only possible legal basis for impeachment is that Trump is still legally President, and Joe Biden is an imposter -- which is certainly true -- but the extent to whether the executive orders of an unelected dictator are binding on the government, enforceable, or going to be enforced is debatable: the one true answer is not without a fight.

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23 hours ago, TheForgotenone said:

evidence of it all him being a pedo

He's fondling and kissing little kids all over the place -- if you're conservative, you can't even talk to any of these people's kids, look at them, greet them, say at church, etc., or you end up in jail yourself for being a pedophile.

That's why they shut down some of those churches. Liberals got in and took over the amen corner. Sicker than COVID-19 or any other disease by far.

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