Watch for the Next Economic Crash 2021

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I think were getting a crash soon, most likely starting in March, going into April and May.

Watching for it and observing the signs in the blog below.

If anyone has any more insight to this, please blog it here

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No posting from Google account. There is definitely a crash coming. There is mass equity in the stock market, propped up artificially for the time being to allow smaller investors "in the know" to get out without panicking wealthier investors. But the equity cannot make it out of the market without crashing. The numbers aren't adding up for the financial reports of the companies whose stocks are sold on NYSE, NASDAQ, etc. Proxy ballots aren't being mailed out to individual investors. It's an "institutional only" market. People are going to lose their shirts in 401(k) retirement accounts, as individual investing options are curtailed in favor of mutual funds and managed retirement accounts.

The big problem is a DuPont breakdown of "blue chip" companies.

Efficiency has a nasty tendency to erode insidiously at every stage in a business until it is no longer possible to make a profit.

Whatever comes out of the stock market is -- in the long run -- what's put into it plus the net profits from the underlying stock companies traded on the market.

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Share on other sites, other brokerage houses: brokerage accounts are arbitrarily restricted, closed.

"One share" investments in stocks of interest for non-professional investors are no longer welcome.

|> Extended hold times, longer than normal wait times for customer inquiries.

|> The required financial reports on investments are not being mailed out.

|> Proxy ballots for annual meetings are not being delivered to equity investors.

There are too many red flags. There are questions they don't want to answer.

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I'm looking for small stocks, essentially "penny stocks" to invest a few dollars in -- I like to use any of the various "stock screeners" available online -- but I find companies are experiencing heavy losses in the small cap world, and I don't do blue chips.

I look for companies with solid financials -- there are a variety of criteria to screen for -- but things are going to hell in a handbasket all over the place, and the market is really overvalued. The blue chips have too many accounting reserves and places to hide assets and/or liabilities and bring them out of hiding from time to time to smooth out the numbers and project a "stability" which does not exist in real life.

The rioting and political instability, and extreme vindictiveness of Democrats in Congress and the Mainstream Media, do not bode well for the future of the market.

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Charlie Munger doesn’t know what’s worse: Tesla at $1 trillion or bitcoin at $50,000

The BIrkshire veep is right about Tesla and Bitcoin of course, but he doesn't have a leg to stand on or any room to talk with Birkshire Hathaway Class A shares of voting stock so obscenely overvalued at $375,000/share with a reported price/book of 1.38.

The stock is an "alternative investment" -- too thinly traded at such a stratospheric price, Munger and Buffett may as well have taken it private because the investors aren't getting their 10-K's from the stock they're investing in anyways -- ought to be delisted from the NYSE, because a stockbroker can't sell the Class B shares either in good conscience with 1/150 dilluted voting rights and all that insider share class double-dealing going on.

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Stock Certificates Have Gone With the Winds of Change

Transfer agents and brokers simply will not issue stock certificates, 8-K / 10-K forms, proxy ballots, or invitations to corporate annual meetings anymore, even though all these things are unquestionably the rights of investors. The Democrats don't see anything wrong with this situation.

And another bad one is ConocoPhilips, which trades on the NYSE under the symbol "COP." I live in big oil country, and people tell me, "I don't work for the COPs." Yet the NYPD patrol cars are racing down Wall Street with red and blue flashing lights for every trade on this particular stock. I can't put any stock in the local police station either, with officers picking up guys, expanding the rolls of registered sex offenders, and padding their paychecks with stolen tools, valuables, and cars, not to mention the obscene foreclosure rates in the borough.

It appears to all intents and purposes that managers and directors are copping out on their duty to the investors with stocks like these, cheap coppers gun ban and everything.

The "Securities and Exchange Commission" doesn't help matters either. There's a stockbroker's commission on both sides of every trade, buy and sell. The function of a government "watchdog" for the collection of a stockbroker's commission on every securities trade is questionable at best, and at worst, it's the same old revolving door of industry insiders who obtain government positions of which they take full advantage to favor and benefit their personal and business interests outside the government, while they slam the door shut on the rest of us who can't really buy into their philosophy of sloppy or missing paperwork and makeshift electronic registration, because we've been so thoroughly victimized by wholesale identity theft online.

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I think logically a crash should be coming.  A stock market at all time highs after a year of the pandemic hoax seems incredibly stupid.  But here we are, and it keeps going up.

I know a lot of people think it is the huge amount of money printing that all governments have done that is looking for a home, and they are no doubt right.  But I think this is transitory until people realise the horror done to the economy in the name of a flu that 99.97% survive.

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"Be not slothful in business" according to the Bible and all that.

Brokers and corporations shouldn't be so lax with the paperwork. And the authorities shouldn't have a "blue sky" attitude of innocent consumers investing in a sophisticated market, either.

There's risk, we know that.

The whole system is broken.

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