Gone Right Out at Poal it Seems ..

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Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, Aisha Was 6, Muhammad Was 52

The last post, maybe the Mod objected to the photograph I appended into the reply text see below.

The most reliable accounts say Aisha's betrothal to the Prophet took place when she was 6 yo, whereas the marriage and subsequent consummation of the union was after she had turned 9, which is well within the customary bridal age throughout the entire region then as now .. the J's come up with this sort of thing to mask their own record of infant sex abuse which is allegedly ok'd in the Talmud, which is Not a Code of Jewish Law in any case.

More luck to him if he can get a young babe to love him is all I have to say on the matter.

The log in on my mobile device went out at Poal after I had been on site for about a week for "vote gaming," where after I have been unable to register a new iPhone account since, this time the PC account was arbitrarily terminated while efforts the create a new account are met with the message '"Error #3: Invalid Captcha!"

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7 hours ago, Martin Timothy said:

Thanx for the reply anyway .. if you know of any place will take the kinda material I present let me know, as far as I can tell I would not get past the door at either GAB or Parler at any time.

It's a Japanese manga-style comic character female "doll." People of the district who are uptight about the political content for other reasons might see an opportunity to attack from a "child pornography" angle even if there is nothing objectionable about the images you post.

Text can be offensive, but people ought to be able take things in context and ignore it if it makes them angry. They don't, however. The fact that they are banning people  on Twitter and Facebook, as they did to me, indicates that they are going to be every bit as nasty, with a lot more clout, in a small-town courthouse, than within any given multinational social media corporation.

There's another conspiracy forum, http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/join.php

It's dead right now: server configuration error, please try again later.

There's no security certificate, and there are too many social media options for joining. It sounds like a gay dude there. There were a couple of girls too close together there a few years ago. Something smells bad at that site. Really, really bad.

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