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Ok so, unprecedented cold in the middle of America (like Oklahoma & Texas) and the word on the news is that gas & electric companies (OG&E/PSO) will be using rolling blackouts to "conserve" energy.

1: Does anybody have any knowledge as to this extreme cold we are getting? We've never seen anything close to this. Businesses are closing and rolling blackouts are happening.

2: Anyone think this could be a big drill to test big brothers control over the power grid?

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HAARP is funded by George Soros and friends.

Official Website:

The physical location is gated and locked, under CCTV and armed guard. On the state highway, but a long way from any civilization. No one else is nearby. They have everything they need to kill you, bodybag you, and dispose of any and all evidence before any outside authorities arrive.,-145.133929,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x56b57b64d4be52d9:0xd229826eee007bd!8m2!3d62.3910518!4d-145.1317403

Do not even drive by. It is a U.S. military no-go until neutralized. Stateside enemy presence is too strong, and the "Community of Tok" to the north is too hostile.

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