Feminazis took over Olympic Games

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>>> When a 22-year-old Japanese college student launched an online campaign against the powerful Tokyo Olympics chief and the sexist remarks he made, she was not sure it would go very far.

>>> But in less than two weeks, Momoko Nojo's #DontBeSilent campaign organised with other activists gathered more than 150,000 signatures, galvanising global outrage against Yoshiro Mori, the president of Tokyo 2020.

>>> He quit last week and has been replaced by Seiko Hashimoto, a woman who has competed in seven Olympic Games.<<<

Why can't a decent man with half a ten-gallon hat full of honor bitch-slap that stupid Jap whore in the face? Women who prostitute themselves and scream sexism all the time can't be allowed to have a place in world sports. It's the old enemy Axis of WWII, risen from the ashes and ruins of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to make war against righteous men and women all over again! It's like the Sicilian Mob is present at the games, and a restaurant chef or caterer or event organizer or someone like that violated the Mafia's holy Code of Omertà in the name of the Virgin Mary.

The dirty life-ruining home-wrecking car-trashing tricks of Mafia enforcers as well as the law enforcement officers who support them, need to be stopped before any Olympic Games are held again.

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