Three Truth Posts & Two Accounts Blitzed at Poal in One Day

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First I was unable to log onto the account I have been using since the last round of banning, so I made another that went to ground after these three posts .. the original text in the image.


"They" are still flogging the bs that some sorta homegrown drug "Kingpins" are behind the cocaine epidemic, while everyone knows the CIA controls the drug trade.


The whole John Dean file leads directly to CIA involvement with the John Kennedy assassination, thru E Howard Hunt who had an office in the Nixon WH.


How will ppl know all about Mossad Superspy Australian Jew Ari Ben Menashi aka Joe Vialls aka Alfred Lambremont Webre, if we are gonna keep getting banned.


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I'm honestly not that concerned about cocaine, whether it's crack or freebase or hydrochoride or however it's packaged or marketed on the street. I don't think it's as addictive as it's billed in federal court either.

If a cup of coffee or tea isn't sufficient for people to wake up in the morning, then that's more likely than not a symptom of persistent heavy adulteration of everyday food and drink products with heroin or other narcotics -- for which people are seeking an antidote when they risk arrest to purchase cocaine on the street.

It's the same old scam the drug dealers, pharmacists, and pharmaceutical companies are always pulling: "doggy downers and puppy uppers" as the Native Americans call it. Slipping narcotics in dinner-time food and dealing stimulants on the street corner early in the morning.

Federal drug laws as they currently exist on the books are part and parcel of the philosophy of the «Cártel Nueva Generación Jalisco» of slipping accelerated aging adulterants into food and drink and offering rejuvenating stimulants by "dealing" on the street corner in the stereotypical manner.

If the feds want to fight drugs effectively, they need to downgrade all the "possession" and "intent to distribute" laws to misdemeanors. change their clothes for an orange jumpsuit, incinerate the illegal drugs, keep them in jail until they're clean and sober. It can't be any worse than public drunkenness, or lewdness, or pissing on a street corner or whatever.

Find out what needs to be done to get people off the narcs and on the right track with their lives. It's more of a social issue with general poverty than "crime" to speak of anyways.

And as long as licensed professional tooth-pullers have access to novocaine -- I can't see a cocaine dealer as any worse of a criminal than the average dentist who is allowed to stay in practice as a licensed professional no matter what. And dentists constantly fool around with mercury amalgams, highly toxic fluoride compounds, laughing gas, nightclub blacklights, and all sorts of other tomfoolery with total impunity. By all rights knock all the teeth out of the jaws of those damned dentists with a sledgehammer before you start going after poor people for pills or needles in their pockets, whatnot.

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