The Perfect Cup of Coffee, Grinders & The Pot Smoker's Choice

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Could the coffee you are having in your cup be fake? There are rising concerns about the increasing rate of “fake coffee” in the market today. The challenging bit is that unscrupulous traders keep working on their formulas so that the consumer can hardly point out the fake coffee from the real one.


In Response to Fake Coffee on the Market, I bought coffee beans and a 60$ manual grinder the downside of which is the two minutes winding it takes to get a usable volume.


So I got the 14$ KMart "Dalek" grinder that does a great job on marijuana [legal mind] as well.


Ok the coffee has been ground then we have a problem, if you treat the ground product as instant coffee lumpy half ground beans will pass yr lips, while coffee machines that utilize filters and electrical power are cumbersome to say the least .. we get around that problem by making the drink as usual as though it was instant coffee.

Put the lid that arrives with chinaware mugs in place and leave it sit for three of four minutes whence the unground and half ground product will sink to the bottom, to prevent the beverage going cold you should cover the whole thing with a beanie for those few minutes, then you get a freshly ground taste with No lumpy bits right to the end.

Coffee Grinders For Weed.


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I bought a mechanical galvanized cast iron corn grinder with steel mills for less than that. It copes perfectly well with coffee.

Other than that, it's the usual naked ladies selling coffee at a roadside stand. In bed with the insurance companies, auto repair shops, and of course the hospitals and abortion clinics.

Can the Black Rifle Coffee Company Become the Starbucks of the Right?

A coffee shop is a coffee shop. The Socialists and Communists come in and take over, the liberal women in low cut blouses and short skirts show up, demanding tips for feel-ups, and the conservatives as well as any customers who actually own rifles or other guns are trespassed off the property etc.

What about the syrups and flavors they add to coffee drinks? And other non-alcoholic liquors and spirits?

Alcohol and Marijuana of course are not the only possible mond altering adulterants to food and drink.

By Pinterest Editors
July 18, 2021
Zero-proof spirits are having a moment, with more and more people choosing to cut back on alcoholic beverages. But what exactly are they and what can you do with them? Consider this your crash course
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