Stonehenge was built during WW1

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Stonehenge is obviously fake

If it has been standing for 4000 yrs-- then why didnt the Romans mention it


Stonehenge apparently remained in private hands until 1915

How does a 4000 yr old ancient monument fall into private hands in the first place

Then for some strange reason--in the middle of WW1-- it was sold to a man named Cecil Chubb for £6,600

 Cecil Chubb = CC=33

33= FreeMason numerology

Why was an ancient structure ever privately owned & even sold

And why wouldnt the owner sell it to the nation

Why didnt the Royals buy it for the nation


Stonehenge was built under cover of WW1 by Freemason Stonecutters Guild

They build it on private land to explain why it was never seen by the public until after WW1

The Brits faked Stonehenge becos how could they claim to be Freemasons when they hadnt built any ancient structures

They built a circle of stones becos it was mentioned by Geoffrey of Monmouth as part of the Merlin legend

But why doesnt Geoffrey use the name Stonehenge

If its been there for 4000 yrs surely the locals would know the name

Henry of Huntingdon’s- Historia Anglorum, or History of the English-- lists the stone circle as the second of four marvels in England

Written and revised between 1129 and 1154

Note the dates--

1129= 11-11

1154= 11-9

Masonic/ IllumiNazi numerology

Rewriting history


Thomas Hardy mentions Stonehenge in Tess of the Dubervilles in 1891

So why he didnt bother taking photos of the Stones

Hardy was obviously in on the Hoax planned years ahead


Hardy claimed that he found a Druid Stone in his own back garden

Later a Henge was found buried deep beneath his home


Yeah right


Stonehenge was handed to the nation only AFTER it was built in 1918

Until then it was kept in private hands--so no-one could confirm its existence


It was renovated in 1920s & 1958-- they botched the job on purpose--so that in the future if people noticed discrepancies-- use of modern materials & construction--they'll say it was due to the botched renovation

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