Eric Clapton vaccine experience, adverse reaction, government coercion

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Although he has eventually come to the right decision, vax = very bad.  He is a very stupid man in my opinion from watching this video.

Basically he has the first job, because its from "Oxford",   within several hours he is shaking like a leaf, couldn't get warm, running a fever, then cold.  Out for the count for a week.  A huge health setback that "frightened the shit out of him"

He starts to try and find information about what has happened to him, he feels his family have become brainwashed,  he has to keep his mouth shut around his family re his doubts.

He realises he shouldn't have had the first jab,  and then he is offered the second, and "I thought what's the point in stopping now?"   What a complete idiot.  There is a reason Western society is doomed, and its because of people like this.

"Went and had the second, and then it got really bad.  In a week my hands didn't really work.    In constant pain.  Can't sleep because of the pain.   "The vaccine took my immune system and just shuck it around, and that's still going on.  Then I read a lot of the evidence about people having adverse reactions."


Too late Eric.   You don't make a serious health decision and then look around afterwards for if its good or bad for you.     But in my view, having the second jab was crazy, utterly crazy.   Whats the point in stopping now?  Well now you know what the point was.  The other thing that struck me was how he has already realised the government was totally dishonest and lying around the Brexit time, but still continued to do what they wanted.




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