I've come back from my future

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This is going to be hard for humans to understand. No, not understand, it will be hard for humans to accept. I get these two words mixed up a lot. It's confusing, but I'm going to try my best to keep it simple.

I use the term humans, so they, or rather you will know exactly who I am talking about. Because the word human in my worldline, in the time-point I am broadcasting from does not really mean the same thing as it does in your time-point of 2023.

Let's start at the begining. DNA. This is how things changed.

When they launched the meta dilation ring, known as the Large Hadron Collider at CERN on the border of what was France and Switzerland, the worldline that was running towards its end point in 2036 fractured into three pieces. Two larger and one smaller. The two larger pieces run (or ran depending on your time-point),concurrently with one another and the third smaller one kind of drags behind in the wave field (I'll get to the bit later). This has come to known as the trinity factor. The three points of purpose of a single reality split into seperate dimensional realities.  This, is how it all started.

They really fucked up. There is no other way of telling it. They fucked up.

When my father originally came back to retrive an IBM computer from 1975, it was because the Council thought that it could bridge several different computational languages and help to save what technology we had left. On his journey back he stopped somewhere to tell people  on the Art Bell message board (yup you guessed it, that's how I got my name) that he was returning to his own time-point, but he never came back. My last memory of my father John Titor was sitting on his knee in an old factory. Broken mecanoids everywhere, their limbs bent and twisted. My father had his long brown hair tied back in a tail and a beard that glistened like sun wet sand.

We would see him in the Arc, the biosphere which he was launched from in his machine forever. You can see all the possible arrival worldines at once in the Arc, like a thousand skyliners landing at the same time-point. The noise is incredible. Unbearable. We could see him arriving and arriving and arriving like a loop, but he never got there, his image just faded over and over. You can still see it now, at that Arc where he was launched, I haven't been back for thirty years, I can't watch my father die over and over for eternity.

So where did we get to. Right, DNA and CERN. Your DNA is the key to everything. They want your DNA. Whatever you do, do not let them fuck with your DNA. If you do, it is all over for us.  I will never be able to come back to tell you this stuff because I will be some nano infested twin of myself (I'll get to that later too). CERN's LHC switch on date is the trigger event which caused the 'you' reading this to end up in this trinity factor, experiencing this worldline. Other people you know are in the other larger trinity factor and experiencing a similar reality, but not the dystopian one you are currently in. They see the governments helping them, curing the disease and trying to get the planet back on track. This trinity factor is the opposite. Goverments are trying to depopulate and destroy the world. Everything is about control.

So, here I am now. Back where my father was, 20 years in his future. What do you want to know next?




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