The issue with Sabres' secondary scoring and how to fixit

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There have been a lot of complaints about the lack of Sabres' scoring beyond the line of Evander Kane - Jack Eichel -Jason Pominville and for a good reason Linus Ullmark Pillow Cover. Most people seem to think it's because of underperforming players. I disagree with that. In my opinion, the culprit here is mostly Phil Housley and his line construction.Why is our middle 6 not scoring?It's simple: putting half of this team's self-sustaining scoring forwards on one line simply does not leave enough for the rest of the team. As long as Kane-Eichel-Pominville is the first line and Sam Reinhart stays at C, the only "true" scoring winger left on the team is Kyle Okposo and he 1) can only play on one line at a time 2) has not been very good so far this season to make our middle 6 score more?Step 1: Break up the top lineStep 2: Distribute the talent in a way that makes sense-------------------------Here's three ways to go about fixing this scoring issue -Option #1: Stack the top 6This is the "classic" way to build scoring lines Take your 6 best forwards and put them in your top 6. There has been research done that suggests this is not the optimal way to construct forward lines, but we might just have to try it out for now. This of course leaves us with an uninspiring bottom 6 but maybe the tradeoff is worth it?Possible combos:Reinhart - Eichel - PominvilleKane - O'Reilly - Okposo-O'Reilly - Eichel - PominvilleKane - Reinhart - Okposo-Kane - O'Reilly - PominvilleEichel - Reinhart - Okposo-Kane - Eichel - Pominville (this is the only scenario where this line can be kept together)Reinhart - O'Reilly - OkposoOption #2: 2 guys for every lineTo me Buffalo Sabres Custom Face Mask, this was always the obvious thing to do, because it keeps Reinhart at C in every scenario The idea behind this is that you don't necessarily need three strong, driving players on a line, two + a support guy is enough. The result of this is a balanced top 9, where every line is basically equal in quality. The Maple Leafs have successfully employed this type of lineup construction under Mike Babcock.Possible combos:Girgensons - Eichel - Pominville (we have seen this work already)Kane - O'Reilly - Rodrigues/Bailey/BaptistePouliot - Reinhart - OkposoOption #3: One guy drives the 3rd line but it's KaneThis is what Housley's been doing for most of the season but using the wrong player for the 3rd line duty. To make this construction successful, the player tasked with creating the 3rd line's offense has to be majorly self-sufficient and willing to create for himself instead of others. Kane has had success in this role in both Winnipeg and Buffalo and his playstyle is basically made for this kind of assignment.Possible combos:Reinhart - Eichel - PominvillePouliot - O'Reilly - OkposoKane - Larsson - Girgensons (2 great defenders to make up for Kane's deficiencies on that end)

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