Relocation "deals" to Italy

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>>> These pretty Italian villages want to pay you $33,000 to move in<<<

>>> The region of Calabria plans to offer up to €28,000 ($33,000) over a maximum of three years to people willing to relocate to sleepy villages with barely 2,000 inhabitants in the hope of reversing years of population decline.<<<

>>>There are a few other catches too.
Applicants must take up residency and -- sorry boomers -- be a maximum of 40 years old. They must be ready to relocate to Calabria within 90 days from their successful application.<<<

>>>He bought a cheap house in Italy. This is what happened next<<<

>>>For Roy Patrick, a 67-year-old British car and motorbike fanatic who bought an old school house in the northern mountain village of Carrega Ligure for about $16,500, it's been an adventure<<<

>>>Since the purchase, he's been visiting every two weeks -- even during the pandemic. He does business in Italy buying and reselling old three-wheeled vehicles. He says he's found a new family in the town and a bucolic haven for detoxing and unplugging amid fresh air.<<<

First of all, there's real estate for sale. Nobody should be surprised in that respect. But "SLEEPY VILLAGES" is Mafia-speak for a heavy opioid dependency problem. Then, like Switzerland, there's the business ownership requirement for foreigners who immigrate. They don't take you into any of those countries unless you are willing to go into business and "keep shop" as a Jew.

You aren't allowed to work for wages yourself, the business you are required to operate must employ local workers, and they have more rights than you do, and as locals they have final say in how you run your business.

The local workers are heroin and marijuana addicts incapable of starting successful businesses themselves.

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