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We can't buy what these doctors and pimps are offering for a diagnosis. There's a movie actress Demi Moore, and young women want to be sexy, attractive and wealthy like her.

There's a subtle context of "pressing charges" for some sort of sex offense or another in a heavy district of prostitution.

A woman or a girl wants a hug or a kiss, or even just a hand-holding or some show of emotional affection.

But the bottom line is a flirt in a heavy district where a woman potentially is allowed to make the first move on a man with a show of non-sexual affection, but any reciprocation whatsoever on his part is chargeable as a sex offense, precisely on the orders of the pimp of the district.

"We're beautiful people, but the guys out there just aren't rich enough for us..."

Faith-based Anchorage women’s shelter sues city over changes to LGBTQ anti-discrimination law

Let's just say some of those women are too comfortable and too intimate with other women if they can't afford to shelter other poor people.

Black Widow. The movie.

Yelena Belova and Natasha Romanoff.

And the strangely intimate real-life relationship of Florence Pugh sucking up to Scarlett Johansson — many photos of them together in public — and the pouty lower lips when they appear on screen in the movie scenes.

Trained Killers and assassins. They hate men. Old school KGB agents.

I don't doubt female movie stars have unwanted male admirers and stalkers — and the female fans who emulate them and get away with murder.

Pay dirt!

Demi Lovato.



Boyfriends? Husbands? Any opinions?

There are boyfriends and husbands but I'm not seeing what "the guys" are up to on that particular scene.

If these women do have relationships with men, are they marriages of convenience or "beards" for appearances' sake?

"The guys" have got to be total buttf**kers if they're anything like the girls they date or marry, for love or money. None of it adds up to me.

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The National Association of Theatre Owners have finally spoken out about the financial peril involved in Disney’s ambitious day-and-date theatrical Disney+ release of Black Widow

In a press release dropped this afternoon following our analysis of what went sideways with the Marvel Cinematic Universe title, NATO asks how can a well-reviewed, well-received, highly anticipated Marvel title underperform leading to a first weekend Friday-to-Saturday collapse of -41%, and a -67% drop in weekend 2? NATO comes to the same conclusions as we did in regards to Black Widow getting her legs picked off

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Scarlett Johansson Sues Disney Over ‘Black Widow’ Streaming Release

The ladies don't like it. They want out.

So that's the hard core premium pay per view market segment — but the stars want to stay legit and they don't like that clientele.

And the movie is only rated PG-13, as if it's nothing really out of the ordinary for teens and minor children to watch.

Obviously there's hell to pay at the ratings game.

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So these female stars, movie actresses, women are affectionate with one another in a way they are not with men, and particularly not with the men they are either dating or married to.

If they're straight, why aren't they rather with boyfriends or husband's on social media?

It appears inordinate. Something else. Another movie title, Silence of the Lambs. This business is getting creepy, in a horror movie sort of way, and encroaching in a bad way on real life off the movie set and outside the theaters.

The women are not openly lesbian or bisexual, and yet that is the affection they display in public.

Are they inviting men to touch them in the same way they are being touched by other women, or would they be pressing criminal charges if men (of their class) were similarly affectionate to them in a social setting?

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