FDA and Pfizer list of possible side effects October 22 2020

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The following is a slide presentation given at a meeting between the US FDA and Phizer on October 22, 2020.  Completely glossed over was one particular slide showing identified possible side effects of the vaccine as it stood at that time.  It occurs at 2:33:40 for just an instant as it is hurriedly passed over by the presenter.  You have to slow the video to 0.25 speed to catch it.  But when you do, you will see that the possible side effects of this vaccine are very concerning and have shown themselves in thousands of actual cases since the vaccine has been rolled out.

This is an actual presentation, not faked.



These people knew the side effects even in October of last year and still released the vaccine for public use.

I took a screenshot just in case the original mysteriously gets deleted!



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14 hours ago, Trinity said:

These people knew the side effects even in October of last year and still released the vaccine for public use.

Polio vaccines were a fraud, too. Crimes of extortion and mayhem were involved.

I am beginning to believe that all extant forms of organized religion on earth are radically opposed to true and faithful practices of medicine.

The cut of flesh, pull of tooth, and draw of blood heretofore offered as medicine or health-care by the Learned Elders of Zion, from the time of classical ancient Rome to this day, are all based on promoting and compelling vicious practices of medicine in the guise of public health motivated by doctors' lust for the carnage of human flesh and blood and greed for filthy lucre.

Biden, apparently, is justifying sending CIA, Mossad and/or other government agents on a kill mission to take out anti-vaxxers.



Establishment Presidents don't talk about "kill" unless they are ordering direct strikes on outspoken sovereign citizens and civilians who reject government mandated medical procedures.

The Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia have their own official website to publish their COVID related government propaganda.

But now we are at the point of having ordered kills or strikes or assassinations of individuals for voicing their disagreement or disapproval of government policies.

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