Graphene Oxide found in COVID and flu vaccines by spanish professor of University of Almeria

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Spanish researchers from "La Quinta Columna" have found graphene oxide after analyzing some vaccines, they also found it in old flu vaccine vials. This has been confirmed by a former Pfizer employee. GO is toxic to humans and can cause from blood clotts to myocarditis (some of the supposed c0v1d symptoms). It interacts with electromagnetic fields worsening those symptoms, that's why some vaccinated people have died after having a MRI. Sebastian Piñeira (president of Chile) said that computers will be able to read your thoughts and insert emotions, GO can be used as an interface for this, and it reacts specially to some of the frequencies used by 5G towers.

So from all that i've been reading this whole year and before all this "plandemic": at first it was some slight flu-like symptoms caused by EMR to get people to fear a virus that is not properly sequenced following the Koch's postulates (it's just a computer-made chimera) as a lot of biologist have said, like Andrew Kaufman to name one, but there's a lot more around the world saying the same. This symptoms where way worse in people who got the previous flu vaccines, specially the elders. Also people with electromagnetic sensitivity. People with A blood type is also more sensible to radiation being O type the less sensible.

Remember that the test field for 5G was Wuhan. Remember that super strong 5G emitters are being used as a military weapon already.

With all that, the fake PCRs, and the fear propaganda, they got the perfect excuse to inoculate all the world with all this "vaccines doses". They are talking of annual COVID vaccines in some countries, also inhaled "vaccines" (haha). We know that graphene can break through the hematoencephalic barrier, going directly from the nose to the brain.

Later we find that there's graphene oxide inside some vials of the COVID and flu vaccines (sure there have to be some placebo in a experiment). As i already said its known for its hyper-conductive properties, but it's also known for becoming magnetic in contact with some biological tissues, also for being able to adhere to synapses and to areas of the body with stronger electromagnetic fields, like the brain and the heart causing all kind of metal diseases similar to Alzheimer, strokes, and heart problems like myocarditis. Is also known that graphene interacts with frequencies used by 5G and it's harmonics. 

By the way graphene oxide also suppresses the survival instincts of those affected when adhered to the synapses. This has been tested in rats (and now in humans i guess).

And then the president of Chile gave us the key to understand all this saying that computers will be able read our thoughts and even insert emotions.

They are probably trying to build an interface inside our brain (of those vaccinated that will survive, that's why they are interested in vaccinate teens and children, since they are more resilient) so they can modulate our feelings and thoughts with different frequencies like 5G, Starlink, etc (behaviour modulation by electromagnetic induction is being studied since at least 1975 and probably before).

With this GO they also have the capability of creating endless fake COVID waves and variants, and apparently "predict" them accurately.

That's why Elon is so interested in covering the whole world with "internet" and controlling monkeys with neuralink an all that.

That's why graphene companies like Abalonyx are making deals with microwave amplifiers specialized companies like Microwave Solutions GmbH, that's also why we are beginning to see people talking about "neurorights", and so on.

If you want to know more, check out this guys website: (use the translate option of your browser), or their subtitled videos in

Self-assembled magnetic nanosystems:


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