Australian True Crime - The Paddy Moriarty Disappearance, Peter Falconio

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Daily Mail.

Paddy Moriarty disappeared in the NT Town of Larrimah in Dec. 2018.


The 70 yo and his red kelpie dog were last seen at the pub in Larrimah which is a highway town 500 kilometres south east of Darwin. at dusk on Saturday Dec. 16, 2017.

The Guardian.

Peter Falconio was abducted with his female traveling companion on the Stuart Highway near Barrow Creek in the NT on the evening of July 14, 2001, she escaped his body was never found .. Bradley John Murdoch was convicted of his murder and sentenced to life imprisonment December 13, 2005.



We believe both bodies could have been dumped in the same sinkhole located just a few kilometers from Larrimah, when we conveyed that information to the NT Police they pooh-poohed it all and when I rang back they basically said to stop annoying them .. we say they are "running dead" in relation to both crimes.

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NT Police are "investigating?"

How do they get a murder conviction if they don't find the body and they don't have a clue what happened to it?

No murder weapon, either.

Joanne Rachael Lees (born 25 September 1973) is best known for her ordeal in Central Australia when, in 2001, as a young English tourist travelling with her partner Peter Falconio, she was attacked and subjected to an attempted abduction by a man later identified as Bradley John Murdoch. Lees escaped her attacker, but Falconio was never found, and in 2005 Murdoch was convicted of his murder. Lees was the chief crown witness in the subsequent murder trial of Bradley John Murdoch conducted in Darwin. 

I don't like this gal. "Chief crown witness" and some other man later identified was framed and convicted of murder solely on her word without any corroborating evidence whatsoever.

And this Paddy Moriarty was at pub, and all his drinking companions are telling the same story, but one of those men who was at the pub that night with him was very likely the murderer.

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