Fake names on U.S. court docket

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Guns are banned and let's just keep everybody safe. In Alaska. Where 1500-pound bull moose run everywhere and temperatures reach 50 degrees bow zero. Not going to happen. Worst case, a guy might have had a little bit to drink at a local bar and left an angry message on the phone. Best case, a senator got a tip off or warning to certain properties in danger from ongoing riots.

The real defendants in this red-light district viciousness are named in bold print below, but they don't look like real names, or real people who live in Alaska. We need more help identifying these culprits of political, judicial, and law enforcement corruption in America.


The defendant is scheduled for an arraignment and detention hearing today before U.S. Magistrate Judge Scott Oravec of the U.S. District Court for Alaska.

If convicted, Johnson faces a maximum penalty of 10 years in federal prison for the most serious charges.


The two senators were not named by the U.S. Attorney’s office or in an affidavit outlining the investigation filed by Matthew Patrick Allen Oudbier, an FBI special agent.

We're dumbfounded by the arrogancy of the democrat gun control jerks being sent up here by FBI to ruin our lives while refusing to investigate actual crimes against our persons and properties that have occurred. The FBI's continuing complicity in machine politics and serious organized crime has made that agency only a tool in the hands of Mafia and other criminal cartels to further the ends of organized crime, and it is apparent by these actions that the FBI is no longer on the right side of the law in Alaska or other states of America.

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