Italian government takeover in Alaska

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Who owns Eni? According to Google,

The Italian government owns a 30.33% golden share in the company, 4.37% held through the state treasury and 25.96% through the Cassa Depositi e Prestiti. The company is a component of the Euro Stoxx 50 stock market index.

That is a majority controlling share in the company, which is, in effect, a fascist state-owned enterprise, concerning which the Italian government has the power to make all relevant operating decisions.

The "golden share" of course is the share of income paid as taxes to the government of Italy by the corporation — but it's worse than that, because the government of Italy does indeed has the interest in and control of the company's finances proportional to its golden share.

This of course partially explains the ascendancy, prevalence, and persistence of the Roman Catholic Church as a state church in Alaska, which was traditionally at one time predominantly Russian Orthodox.

As of 2–3 years ago,

Italian oil major Eni has reached a deal with Caelus Energy to buy the small independent out of the Oooguruk North Slope field.

Eni announced Thursday that it will acquire Caelus’ 70 percent in Oooguruk and take over as operator of the near shore oil development. The deal, for undisclosed terms, will make Eni the sole owner of Oooguruk as the company already holds a 30 percent stake in the field, according to a Thursday release.

Which is in effect an Italian government takeover of U.S. sovereign territory. And yes, there are armed security guards and personnel everywhere, à la Swiss Guard, perhaps, ultimately employed by the Italian government in the United States.

Personnel and management at local U.S. military bases, in solidarity with the Democratic Party under the Biden administration, also maintain strong Catholic mob family ties to lend aid and comfort to the government of Italy, to the detriment of the United States.

More news since the above was posted yesterday.

G20 leaders to endorse Biden proposal for global minimum corporate tax

So Joe Biden is selling the U.S. out to the E.U. Just suffocate small businesses with customs and declarations for incorporation paperwork and attorneys' fees, and strangle big businesses with labor-union politics. What a bunch of churchgoing democrat jackasses!

POLITICO Playbook: Biden’s promise to progressives

So why are many liberal advocates celebrating and not completely flipping out? Despite the demise of paid leave and a scaled-down investment in the families, children and home caregiving aspect of the bill, backers of the so-called care economy have been noticeably calm.

The answer may have to do with what President JOE BIDEN told allies behind closed doors this week.

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