Russian spy dead in Germany

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Russian "spy" -- connected to Moscow's "FSB"security service. Not unlikely. But that is the Russian embassy in Berlin, and presumably at least some of the Russian diplomats did have official permission from the German government to be there. Jumped out of the building for some reason. Suicide? Why? Spies do commit suicide to avoid far worse torture on occasion, and that is not considered dishonorable.

The Germans obviously since World War II have had to submit to the presence of Russian and U.S. spies in the country as part of the terms and conditions of the peace that was concluded at the end of the Holocaust era when the Nazi army was defeated, which now begs the question: To what extent is the European Union falling to old-guard Nazism while playing the Communist NATO card?


Plus, there's an Iron Cross depicted, a symbol of Nazism in Germany.

There was of course, and still is, a fight against the Jewish red-light district that has to be made, and the Nazis were not all on the bad side of that, although of course some of them were, with the police unions serving as protection for Jewish businesses.

There was no clear separation between the just and the unjust at the time of the Second World War, nor is there even yet today.

The Nazis of course were very particular and obstinate about certain political platform points -- and not all of them agreed with each other -- and some of them helped out Jews on both sides of the war.

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