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First there were The Beatles, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr. Groucho Marx, and don't forget the Japanese gal, Yoko Ono. Then Eurhythmics. Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart. There was an old CD sitting around I was listening to the first track out of sheer boredom, Sweet dreams, "Travel the world and the seven seas..."

Some of it seems nice and pleasant to listen to at first, but then a certain picture emerges that I just don't like.

For one thing, there's too much haircut and hair dye for the music, which means there's a horrible ugly nightclub scene downtown London. You'd better lock your doors if you don't want your hair cut in the middle of the night, or wake up in the morning with extra tattoos or piercings. The "world and the seven seas" lyrics sound lesbian, a little bit foreign, like two gals getting on listening to it. That chick is too mannish, and the dudes are a little bit too full of themselves, too. Homosexuals, with the strict sex segregation behind the scenes. Bathroom Bills and other anti-transgender initiatives at City Hall. Absolutely no contact between men and women "in the biz." That's all heavy corporate Communist Party, with the sexual harassment lawsuits and the rape charges to preemptively restrain the men from contacting the women, and then you throw in the drug lords downtown who deal illegal narcotics.

I think of John Lennon and Groucho Marx, there has to be some blood relation or family connection to Vladimir Lenin and Karl Marx, because all those musicians were strong Communist sympathizers and traitors at the time of the Korean War and the Vietnam War. The musicians were part of the nightclub crowd which the Nazis hated so much. So now we've got RIAA, MPAA, WIPO, DMCA etc., etc. in control of all the recording studios, and we don't ever get anything but communist party corporate trash music from that entire scene.

The Communists were not much better than the Russian Royals. There was a Marxist dictatorship class which seized power from the former Royalty under Vladimir Lenin. It really did nothing to improve the proletariat's lot in life to have a new dictatorship installed over them in place of the royalty.

There are plenty of Jews involved with this ugly scene downtown, and I don't really need to point them out any more than they do themselves, better not to get the forum in trouble for anti-semitism.

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