Cannabis moms and parents who track children

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The 'cannamoms' parenting with cannabis
The parents who track their children

They have Baby Boomer syndrome. The Baby Boomers' children are almost all of age by now, of course, but Gen X is catching up, and they're heavy into weed, like the Hippies were in the 1960s. Of course now we're talking 60 years later, and the Boomers' children are catching up with their own parents on weed, so it's the Boomers' grandchildren who are being tracked on their cell phones. It's crime family time, and there's a lot of vice. Extended family is living under one roof, and marriages are either arranged behind closed doors, or secretly vetoed or torpedoed by family bosses.

We have a severe case of India syndrome in the United States. Horribly corrupt health care practices, rife with out-and-out medical malpractice, mayhem, malicious disfigurement, mass murder, and the worst kinds of quacksalvery. Tattoos, nose piercings, and honor killings of women. Ineffective police departments have a strong tendency to serve women only, and rampant judicial corruption causes an extreme male:female ratio in prison. The U.S. is a former British colony, like India, too, and the British Royals and gentlemen of the district are up in arms, as before the Revolutionary War, and demanding gun control and disarmament through corrupt U.S. courts.

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