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The new law (in Britain, U.K., ??) will impose an automatic life sentence on anyone who calls emergency services if an emergency services worker dies in the line of duty responding to the call. Murder is murder, right? Is that not already a life sentence? But this new law is intended to impose an arbritrary life sentence on defendants who are clearly not guilty of murder or intentionally causing a death. Suppose there is a fire, and a firefighter dies responding to it. Now the person who called emergency services is sentenced to life imprisonment even if he did not set the fire or commit arson, even though more lives would have been lost if the defendant had not called for emergency services.

One would think that police, fire, and medical emergency response personnel are supposed to be professionals -- and able to assess the risk of taking any any particular action -- and if the situation is too extreme for them to handle, they should call for a military response if the risk to their own lives is too great. Clearly these "first responders" are not the professionals they let on for what we are being billed for their services. Too much emphasis on mental health, for one thing.

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