Hominid & Human Skulls on Planet Mars

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All of the images were sourced from the NASA Spirit & Opportunity Rovers and NASA Curiosity Mars Rover.


PIA 16440, Ancient Hominid Skull, Image Returned by the NASA Spirit Mars Rover April 2006.

Another very old elongated hominid Martian skull from Curiosity Mastcam Sol 315, returned June 2013.

Mummified Head on Mars, Block and Stone Masonry - Curiosity Sol 969.

Another Well Defined Human Skull - Curiosity 959.

Mummified Skulls, Curiosity Mastcam Sol 959.

Human Skull, Curiosity Mastcam Sol 2829 - The skull appears to have a contusion in the upper right quadrant.

Skull C Sol 378 Mastcam.

As well as a barbell type construct there are human skulls in this frame from Curiosity 729.

Lilliputian Skull Measured Against the Rover's Wheel Tracks, Curiosity Rover Mastcam Sol 331.

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