Microsoft Corporation, Consulate of Sweden, City of Redmond, Washington

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This a tech conspiracy situation. I need more research on the topic, please.


  1. Microsoft Corporation is headquartered at One Microsoft Way in the City of Redmond, Washington. Official mailing address:

    REDMOND WA 98052-8300

  2. The Consulate of Sweden has closed its Seattle office and moved to 14790 Northeast 95th Street, Building 8 in the same city.

    14790 NE 95TH ST BLDG 8
    REDMOND WA 98052-2519

So. Remember the whole Wikileaks saga with Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange? The dishonorable private-rank discharge straight out of the army barracks locker room? The police station locker room crap on Assange with the Swedish girls.

I've been in Sweden before, and I don't need Swedes on the internet elevating their privileges to fool around with my computer or with my online accounts. Think about a stereotypical Swede, a low-IQ locker room jock copping it up at the police station, digging for gold in another man's shorts searching through his internet browsing history, hoping for some sort of sex charges to press against a male rival. Except for cases like Reality Winner, the average woman's internet browsing history isn't really of interest to the average shoulder-surfing white male cop, of the sort usually seen on cable TV.

Obviously women are either going to prison or being eliminated in other ways, because there's an adult female cop, and suddenly she acts like an innocent little girl on St. Lucia's Day, and there's something about another woman's internet browsing or research or shopping, whatever, that offends her sensibilities.

Then there's Jana Winter, news reporter formerly of The Intercept, with a very similar last name to Reality Winner. Did she ever have a mother? Because that's a really cruel name for a girl, and we've got to play blonde versus brunette in prison with that. Is there a cellmate who has to "face up to Reality" in U.S. federal penitentiary? And then there's the male cops can't stop laughing in the break room and jerking off in the locker room at the prison guard station.

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