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>>Are You Encouraging Gaslighting? Signs that you may be helping someone control you.<<

Gaslighting is psychological abuse—a special form of it, in which a person makes someone question their reality. Although it has become a popular term, many people remain unable to recognize it, in part due to its insidious nature. People who employ gaslighting as a manipulation tactic are experts, and of course they prefer to use these skills in environments that help, rather than hinder, their attacks. Are you encouraging gaslighting?

Sounds to me like Starbucks workers on strike who are engaging in "gaslighting." There's literally a brightly lit neon gas-filled open sign in a place of business, but the workers are calling cops and serving customers or potential customers off the property with criminal trespass charges. You get a permanent criminal record from unionized cops for crossing the picket line if you attempt to patronize the business as a legitimate customer. And they do single out certain targeted individuals very pro-actively reserving the right to refuse service to anyone. So, of course it can make you question reality -- and furthermore, especially at a bar or restaurant, aduleration of food and drink with alchohol or drugs might be a factor in causing patrons to "question their reality" not to mention the air you breathe in the building which might be infused with opiates // marijuana // THC // CBD smoke or an odorless haze or clear vapor.

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Yup. An ex-husband or an ex-boyfriend is to blame. She's not sleeping with her husband and she's got something to hide on her side of it, too. Too many righteous l€sbians downtown, "sisters" running front with the justice system at the local courthouse.

Gaslighting husband avoids jail despite installing cameras at home to check on his wife and groping her breasts as she slept after female judge sympathised with him because a previous partner cheated


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