Anne Rice the Author dead from stroke. Vaccinated in March and May

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I did a little search in her Twitter and she has kindly Tweeted when she had 2 doses.   So ironic that these people are so keen to push their decisions onto others.

I have screen-shot both Tweets just in case they vanish later:  (Sources at bottom)






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There are certain true-crime and horror novelists who don't take their own writing seriously. Case in point: Slender Man stabbing

Anne Rice (born Howard Allen Frances O'Brien; October 4, 1941 – December 11, 2021) was an American author of gothic fiction, erotic literature, and Christian ...

Karl Stig-Erland "Stieg" Larsson was a Swedish journalist and writer. He is best known for writing the Millennium trilogy of crime novels, which were published posthumously, starting in 2005, after the author died suddenly of a heart attack. ...

Larsson's main character was a bisexual woman, there was a lot of sick medical and police stuff going on in the fiction series, and he died himself in a medical setting of "heart attack" a.k.a. premeditated murder with an advanced medical cover-up.

Anyways, as to Anne Rice's death --  Goth and erotic literature -- most women read that kind of creepy/scary/romance stuff all the time, but as soon as it touches something Christian, there's a church conspiracy to murder the author, and the nurses who administered the vaxxine to her were all in good faith bona fide Christians in a court of law etc.

Meanwhile the vaxxines aren't going over very well in the Marine Corps.

103 Marines booted for refusing COVID vaccine as services begin discharges
Up to 30,000 service members remain unvaccinated and could face the same fate.

For the record, that's an administrative discharge, NOT a dishonorable discharge. You're fired, laid off, out of a job in the military for refusing to take the vaxxine, but even in the military, it is your right to refuse medical services, so there's nothing bad or criminal on your record for being discharged for that reason, so presumably the discharged Marines do retain their civil rights and full military benefits including the said offers of medical treatment they are refusing for the time being.



But that's an easy draft dodge, so we have to speak in terms not only of the rights of military personnel to refuse medical treatment, but of the right to continue to serve in the U.S. military while refusing unsolicited offers of vaxxines or other medical injections or treatments. There's a war going on, there always is, and the Officers Row® doctors need to get out from under the skin of recruits and soldiers if an effective war is going to be fought to save our country.

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