Bad degree in Florida

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  • GAINESVILLE, Fla. - A University of Florida student who became paralyzed below the waist and lost vision in one eye from a rare and incurable blood disease died just weeks before graduation. But she still managed to finish her degree, so her brother plans to walk in her place during a graduation ceremony Friday.
  • Mariel White's brother, Weston White, will accept his sister's degree in sports management and journalism while about two dozen family members watch. UF President Kent Fuchs also plans to honor her during the commencement speech, the university said Thursday.

Let me count the ways:

  1. I do not believe in rare and incurable blood diseases.
  2. There's a "brother" in a symbolic role, and I do not believe in college fraternities, or such like fraternization.
  3. Get off the property with that establishment-oriented "commencement" speech. Commencement is nothing but a French word for a "start" or "beginning," -- if that is a new job, there's a supervisor, co-workers, new friends, etc. -- it's time for a young woman to dump the college boyfriends and put her clothes back on.
  4. If there's a "degree" here, it is that of premeditated murder, namely the first degree, with malice aforethought.
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