Communism in practice in China and U.S.

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The provincial level administrative divisions (Chinese: 省级行政区; pinyin: Shěngjí Xíngzhèngqū) are the highest-level administrative divisions of China. There are 34 such divisions claimed by the People's Republic of China, classified as 23 provinces (Chinese: ; pinyin: shěng), five autonomous regions, four municipalities and two special administrative regions. The political status of Taiwan Province along with a small fraction of Fujian Province remain in dispute, those are under separate rule by the Republic of China, which is usually referred to as "Taiwan".

Every province on Mainland China (including the island province of Hainan) has a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) provincial committee (Chinese: 省委; pinyin: shěngwěi), headed by a secretary (Chinese: 书记; pinyin: shūjì). The Committee Secretary is effectively in charge of the province, rather than the governor of the provincial government. The same arrangement exists for the autonomous regions and municipalities.

So the provincial committee is, in effect a commissariat, as in the United States, where not only each state, but every countyborough, parish, and township within any individual state of the US is communist and run the same way as provinces in China, under a the absolute totalitarian authority of a board of commissioners or commissariat, with a heavy mental health district based on the totalitarian mind control politics of civil commitment, involuntary hospitalization, anti-psychotic medication and gun control.

The Taiwan Republic of China versus Taiwan Province is for example equivalent to the State of Virginia versus the Commonwealth of Virginia for various administrative purposes, or say the Area of High California versus the State of California.

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The structure on an administrative level would presumably be similar but the power balance is far removed and incompatable when you line up free states against those kind.  Here in the US I like to think individual citizens have a special protection against socialist conspirators but the prevalence  of them is sort of a fatal cancer and I fear for the patriots holding on with all their might when the infection reaches above their heads and into the top tier.

In the 1950s and 1960s there was a blacklist against socialists in the US but now organizations like the CIA and FBI are run by them, those very people these agencies were built to fight against.  Hypocrisy to say the least.  A container refilled with the opposition.

Reminds me of WW2 stories where after a long battle surviving soldiers would take the uniforms off their dead enemies and put them on.

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