Video - Large Square Formation on Mars

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NASA has consistently refused to provide a distance scale or location data.


The filmstrip obtained by the NASA Global Mars Surveyor Mission has at least three separate well defined square formations, previous images of the same region showed the upper formation only.

Update ..


Take a look at the Tap o' Noth hillfort in Aberdeenshire, Scotland - It looks as if a giant concrete mixer poured a batch of semi molten rocky material onto the bare hilltop, then some super sized device imprinted the viscous matter to make the flat inner area.


It seems whatever caused the imprint a lower right on the 2006 NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter image above, would be up to the task.


The amount of semi molten material required to construct the triple battlements on the Arbory Hill monument above boggles the mind, there are over one thousand similar hillforts scattered about in England and Scotland.


A similar fort with seemingly vitrified walls appears in the Curiosity Rover Image of Mount Sharp above, all of it supporting the contention the vitrified forts on both planets were built by space travelers.

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