It Is Not What David Icke Says Gets Him Bad Press, It's What He Does Not Say

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David Icke grunts, grimaces, grits his teeth & comes down hard on the Covid conspiracy, ever omitting the DEW Firestorms and the JFK stuff that exonerates LHO & inculpates the MLK's .. his mate Alex Jones as for him.


I use Gareth Icke as a convenient whipping boy .. "get a proper job you effen wanker, hanging onto yr sire's coattails is only gonna get y' hauled thru the same courts as part of the coverups .. the two of them that's Jones and DI himself, have gambled their lives the conspiracies will never be brought to [capital] justice .. we are making an all out effort to see that they do."

Large File.

Large File.

None of them will touch JFK assassination truth..



While their response to the DEW Wildfires, as witnessed in multiple sites in the Lower 48 and world wide thru most of the past decade, has been non existent in common with Donald Trump and everyone else in mainstream politics & news gathering. Despite the DEW attacks are criminality and treason on par with 911, and part of the Agenda 21 / 30 depopulation push that includes 5G, the Covid-19 Hoax and genocide of the elderly that has arrived in its wake.


David Icke says "never forget" .. well I have not forgotten that Alex Jones once led 911 Truth, ever avoiding evidence the outrage was machinated by Jews, until he abandoned it all .. try and hang it is a simple solution and it works.



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