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Putin works with NATO

In this brief 2013 video commentary--Kissinger agent & psychological warfare expert-- Pieczenik reveals that Putin works with NATO

Among other things--by providing services for faking assassinations for dictators


He reveals how Putin provides exit strategies when the Globalists stage regime change

By faking the deaths of Puppet leaders deaths--who retire to secluded luxury compounds in Russia--Switzerland-- Spain etc--- where many 'dead' heads of state live out their lives in luxury

Idi Amin--Gaddafi--Saddam--Noriega--just to name a few

Pieczenik once stated on Infowars that Putin was put into power by US Military Intel

He boasted that when he informed his Russian counterparts in 1990-- that their new president would be a KGB agent from W. Germany-- they looked startled

Its not a coincidence that the Soviet Union collapsed just before NATO split Yugoslavia

There was no reason for the Soviet to collapse in 1990

But Globalists needed to wind up the USSR in time for the attack on Yugoslavia

To account for why Russia didnt come to the aid a former communist nation

Globalists attacked Yugoslavia 1991--exactly 50 years after Yugoslavia defended itself against Hitler 1941

the first European nation to be bombed after WW2

Osama Bin Laden & Mujahideen mercenaries fought in the Yugoslavian war--working for NATO

Muslims killing Christians

It was NATO that bombed a sovereign European nation to protect a breakaway state

In 1999 they bombed Serbia round the clock for months in support of Kosovo

In this clip from a British documentary--they explain how the Putin & KGB --not only used psychological warfare against the Russian people--but that they consequently revealed to the Russian public that they had been manipulated--to further demoralize them

"Shapeshifting" an excerpt from HyperNormalization by Adam Curtis - YouTube

(this is the full documentary--Adam Curtis Hyper Normalisation ( 2016) - Bing video)

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