How I predicted Globalists would stage an invasion on Feb 24

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This is how I proved my theory that Globalists use numerology to signal to their minions about up-coming staged events

I knew something was afoot when the West boycotted the Beijing Winter Olympics for no good reason

Then I remembered reading an old post in 2014 about how Russia invaded Ukraine 4 days after their Winter Olympics in 2014

And how Turkey invaded Syria 4 days after the 2016 Rio Olympics

So I calculated the date 4 days after the Winter Olympics & found it was the 55th day

Globalist favour signalling with multiples of 11 & other prime numbers

so I kept that number in mind

I also predicted something would be staged Feb 22 2022= 2-22 2-22

becos I knew Globalists couldnt resist the numerical symmetry

BS Slayer on Twitter: "Dec 21= 12-21= 33= Masons Winter Solstice Time to create an engineered Energy Crisis in Europe Russia stages invasion of the Ukraine NATO responds with sanctions Russia counters by shutting off gas to Europe Engineered Blackouts Globalists introduce Resource Rationing #qanon" / Twitter

BS Slayer on Twitter: "2022= 222 George Washington's birthday Feb 22= 222 The clock on the back of the $100 bill shows time 2:22 2022 is the 222nd anniv of the completion of the White House Feb 22 2022= 222-222 A date to note in your Globalist Calendar #qanon" / Twitter

BS Slayer on Twitter: "Beijing Winter Olympics 8 weeks away 4-20 Feb US & Australia BS Boycott Russia annexed Crimea 4 days after 2014 Winter Olympics ended on 23 Feb 2014 8 years later-- 24 Feb--China will make its move 24 Feb= 55th day of the year #qanon" / Twitter

Then in Feb the story of a 5 yr old Moroccan boy trapped in the mine for 5 days made World Media headlines --& I knew that was the go-ahead signal--esp when the boy supposedly died--this was a staged event

When the Rams won the Super Bowl on Feb 13-- 11 days before Feb 24--it was on

Rams= anagram Mars= God of War

(1) Why the Russia-Ukraine Cold Conflict suddenly re-ignited : conspiracyNOPOL (

I didnt think they'd be stupid enough to follow the exact same script from 2014 --and repeat a Ukraine incursion

There's no reason why Russia invaded Ukraine-- except to lay the groundwork for a conflict in the Sth China Sea

The US is using the Ukraine invasion to threaten China with sanctions if they support Russia--forcing them to make a decision

On Day 33 of Putin's Push--Mar 29= 88th day of the year the US conducted massive military drills near Taiwan lasting 11 days--the timing all planned months if not years ahead

April 9= 99th day of the year

Poking the Tiger

Watch for more 888 signalling

2022= Chinese Year of the Tiger

2022= 2x2x2= 8

April 22= 4-22= 88

Aug 8= 88

Aug 17=88

Aug 26= 88

Aug 26 is also the 999th Day of the Pandemic

By using Globalist numerology to stage the invasion-- Putin has outed himself as a Globalist puppet

They are all following a Globalist script written long ago

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They're simply rhyming with numbers, using a specific set of numbers that probably arent so much a form of communication as they are a fun method to create an algorithm of events. What an inefficient and faulty way to communicate dont you think?  Also, Ive yet to see and hear anything about a global invasion.

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