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Boers nuthin' ..

The Smiling Killer, White Wolf Barend Strydom.

Great Boer hero Barend Strydom was a psychopath, witness his giggling uncontrollably from the witness box during his trial for murdering eight blacks.

Video - When Zola Budd Tripped Mary Decker.

No less than another Boer "hero" in the person of rushed British citizen Zola Budd nee Zola Pieterse, who received a life suspension from the IAAF. After she twice deliberately tripped crowd favorite Mary Decker, during the final of the woman's 3000 meters at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games.

She was running beside Mary barefoot as usual when she tried to kick her legs from under her, Mary regained her pace and stayed in the race, Zola caught up with her once more then before a television audience of hundreds of millions took her out of the competition with another mighty kick.

How did either of them ever think they would get away with it except they were stone mad .. is it a racial trait among Boers, maybe it is they are said to be total assh*les.


The ugly truth is the massive population movements during the period of colonial expansion under the aegis of convict expulsion in the first instance, then by "immigration" and contrived gold rushes there after, that saw millions of Europeans, Chinese and Africans brought into various places in the Caribbean, North & South America, Africa, India, Sri Lanka, the Malay Archipelago, the Philippines, Indonesia, Fiji, Australia and New Zealand.

That has caused enmity among indigenous communities world wide that is ongoing unto this day, was brought into being and financed by Jews as part of their long term plan to obtain global hegemony, which includes foisting Christianity aka the Jewish religion onto unwilling populations.

The Boers in Africa despite their bleating about "Bantu Invaders" are the original invaders, who bought shares in African real estate from Jews who did not own the land in the first place, who then slaughtered the indigenous inhabitants who objected to their presence to remain in possession .. they have no future any more than have the whites in Australia & NZ, the blacks and whites in the Americas or the blacks in Europe.

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