Update on Murder of 8 Year Old California Girl

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When I first read the story it sounded fishy; I thought the 12-year-old may have been guilty from the start. Of course, he's not had his day in court yet, but it doesn't look good. If this "tall, long-gray-haired" man,  who was supposed to be the killer, were a non-fictional character, instead of a fictional one, he would not have left the 12-year-old boy alive to identify him as a witness.

The 12-year-old will probably be confined until he's 18 or 21-years-of age, then he'll be released. It's a sad story all around.


When my son and daughter were adolescents, even though I never left them alone, they would often play alone (ie. another part of the house, in a room together and I was sleep in another part of the house, etc). Because they would be by themselves occasionally, I made sure there were no sharp objects, nothing dangerous they could get their hands on. The few carving knives I had at the time, I would take them out the kitchen drawers and place them on top of the cupboard, about 7-8 feet high. When kids are playing together, unsupervised, there is no telling what they will do. If the 12-year-old kid didn't have access to a knife, his sister would be alive today, and whatever beef the two had, would have been no more than a shoving match, and 10 minutes later, they would have been playing again. Very sad.


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You were a good parent to do what you did. I thought that the boy may have killed her as well, I am sorry to say. He would not have been alive to describe the supposed intruder. I wondered as well, if there was a sibling rivalery situation, which should have been contained, or controlled, before the point of violent behavior. It is very sad for the enture family.

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